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Quantum Lifestyle QuantaGram™ holograms are general wellness products designed to teach you our method of “Do it yourself” acupressure. These holograms help learn acupressure points to trigger acupressure results. Additionally your sense of site, smell, touch, intention and is involved so that you can tap into your body’s awareness helping to create a sense of general well being. 


Utilizing multiple sensory communication through acupressure your body’s energy field and meridians are stimulated, which supports the body’s ability to cleanse, balance, and build.

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Health Professional Packages


Health professionals love our QuantaGram products. At Quantum Lifestyle, we offer complete lifestyle package kits that health professionals can offer to their clients. Contact your Quantum Lifestyle Affiliate for information about the discounted Health Professional Pro-Pack.


Additionally, we offer a unique plan for individual affiliates to offer the Quantum Lifestyle program and share with their family and friends.


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Luxury, quality & comfort

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Now you have the opportunity to become an affiliate with Quantum Lifestyle. As an Affiliate with Quantum Lifestyle, you have the ability to showcase our life changing products to health professionals and individuals in your personal or business life.   

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People from around the world have experienced our products with satisfied experiences… her are a few….

“After 34 years with a very physical job… I have been searching for so long for something that would do this for me. This is a god send for me.”… Tina

“After working a 12 hour shift… I came home and felt like I could work another 12 hours”…. Roger D.

“I just used the sleep holograms last night and let me tell you, I slept amazing with no side effects.”… Amber

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