Compensation Plan

“Do-It-Yourself Acupressure” Kit
Featuring Quantum Infused Holograms

Independent Affiliate



In today’s economic times everyone needs a side hustle. Some want a career. At Quantum Lifestyle, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

A plan is made for the part timer wanting to earn a few hundred dollars a month but also accomodates growing to full time for a dream come true living.

When you become an Affiliate with Quantum Lifestyle, you will not only love being part a caring team, but you will also receive the generous and obtainable benefits below.

  • Retail Profit From Your Personal e-Commerce Site
  • Fast Start Training Bonuses
  • Weekly Rank Payouts
  • Personal Sponsored Matching Bonuses
  • Monthly Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Q-Life Bonus
  • Zoom Webinars
  • No Front or Back End Loading
  • No Ridiculous Quotas
  • Achievable, Realistic, and Sustainable Ranks
  • Seamless Pay Plan
  • Weekly and Monthly Pay Directly To You Bank Secured Quantum Lifestyle Visa card

Exclusive book about holograms and acupressure


Written by John Schaeffer, Sports Scientist, Trainer of Pro Sports and Olympic Athletes. English and Spanish version.

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Quantum Lifestyle LLC does not guarantee the income of any Independent Affiliate Member involved in its programs. Typical Incomes earned will vary in accordance with the time and effort put forth by individual participants. Commissions earned are based on the sales of Quantum Lifestyle products and services generated by the Independent Affiliate Members and their respective sales teams.